Whether you're a small business owner or a Body Corporate, commercial property insurance can be complex so it pays to consult an insurance adviser to help you assess your requirements and the range of products and solutions that are available.

Discussing your property portfolio insurance with the specialists will not only help you understand the various solutions but also make you aware of the local and international relationships that can help achieve the cover you need whether it's related to, for example:

  • Natural disasters
  • Fire, flood and accidental damage
  • Breakdown in service machinery such as lifts and air-conditioning systems
  • Loss of rental income
  • Liability risks.

Often commercial property insurance requires finding either co-insurers to share the risks or developing a layered structure. These complex insurance structures can be complicated and this is where professional advice is invaluable.

Advisors can help you consider everything from setting premium allocations, premium financing and premium collection to competitive pricing, coverage, exclusivity and other added value benefits.