Types of commercial insurance

This type of cover may protect business assets, buildings, plant and equipment from material damage and may include business interruption insurance. Material damage cover will protect property against accidental loss or damage (including burglary). Cover is usually available for buildings, plant, machinery and stock, money on the premises, glass, and property in transit.

Business InterruptionBusiness Interruption

Business interruption insurance will reduce your loss of profit if there is any interruption or interference to your business. Read more...

Commercial PropertyCommercial Property

Whether you're a small business owner or a Body Corporate, commercial property insurance can be complex so it pays to consult an insurance adviser to help you assess your requirements and the range of products and solutions that are available. Read more...

Liability InsuranceLiability Insurance

Liability Insurance provides protection for the insured from third party claims arising from the insured's negligence. Read more...


Marine insurance covers both commercial vessels and personal pleasure craft. Read more...

Commercial MotorCommercial Motor

Commercial motor insurance, in a similar manner to personal motor insurance, allows a business to take out comprehensive cover, third party cover, or third party, fire and theft cover. Commercial motor cover may extend to commercial vehicles, company cars, business fleets and/or motorcycles.

Credit ContractCredit Contract

Credit contract insurance covers consumers if they can't meet repayments on their credit contract or loan because of death, illness, disablement, redundancy or other circumstances that may prevent them from earning income to service the debt. The benefits, limitations and costs of this insurance can vary. It can extend to all kinds of consumer loans including car loans, loans from finance companies and home mortgage borrowing.

Contractors BondContractors Bond

This provides non-completion of building and repairs through a builder's warranty. Cover can also be provided to vendors and developers by purchasing a bond, if purchasers default on settlement obligations, vendors can call up the bond.